The Best Advice For Smart Methods Of Selection Interview

selection interview

They represent party hearings, advise students throughout the process before hearings and they educate the student body about what the system means and how best to support it. When broken down by ethnicity, the support officers are relative to the groups that are a part of the University community. Of the new officers, 24 members identify as white. Six members identify as African, African-American or Afro-Caribbean. Four representatives are Asian. Lastly, there are two students who identify as Middle Eastern, one as Indian and one as Hispanic. If you look at the demographic breakdown of the student population, the breakdown is very similar, West said. Of those selected, 17 students are male and 21 students are female. The College took up a majority of the pool with a total of 31 members out of 38. First- and second-year students also made up most of the support officer pool with 21 and 13 members, respectively.

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